Olympics 1st August 2012

The beginning of the day started with beautiful weather and a promise that we would have a day of sunshine; this was to be a fun filled day.

The day began with the residents making a curry with a staff member showing them how to do so, another staff member cooked lasagne for those residents who didn’t like curry. At 12:30 all those who had cooked sat together to enjoy their meals and staff were especially pleased that there was enough for them to have some too!

There was a short break after lunch so that residents could prepare their children and give them a sleep if needed.

The games began at 13:30, we played a few games but the races could not be organised with so few attending. For those that did attend we sat and chatted over a cup of tea. At 16:45 we brought in take-away pizza which the residents enjoyed eating whilst watching a DVD. The moms who had been involved reported that they had enjoyed themselves and that it had been a brilliant day.