Our Values

The vision and values for Living Springs arose out of Robert and Jane Chapman's personal experiences, together with a desire to help other parents, families and children who are 'struggling to be a family'.

Our main vision is to bring families together and the aim has always been to provide a secure home environment where good parenting can be modelled and the cycle of failure broken.

The thrust of what we do is child centred: where there is a risk to the child, that is where we see our work. In all we do, we aim to start ‘in the world of the child’ – to see the situation from the child’s perspective and plan what we do so that the child is given the best opportunity to develop into a fulfilled person.

Girl with flute

Over the years we have had some sad moments but also some thrilling times. Sometimes, when it appeared that ‘all had been lost’ and that families would have to be split up, enormous difficulties have been overcome and families have been re-united.

Some parents are unable to provide long-term care for their children and when we can help them to recognise this for themselves, this too can be a ‘success’. We have even seen mums handing the baby over themselves to the new parents.

Most of the children we work with are experiencing some horrendous times and we aim to make their stay, whether just for one hour or longer, a time which they will look back upon with happy memories.

Success comes in many packages but with the turmoil of life today we hope to play a small part in making the future of some children a more stable and happier one.