Families Matter

Living Springs is a Family Centre, but family means so many different things to different people.

For some of us the word family will conjure up the picture of two loving parents with their two, maybe three children – thriving, happy, and well cared for.

However, for others this is not the case.

For some individuals we work with, it means a father who physically or sexually abuses his children and a mother too afraid to be able to protect them. Or maybe the mother is also an abuser.

It means parents who neglect their children, some perhaps because they have a learning disability, some because they are dependent on drugs and others because they just don’t care.

It means parents who spend their time at the pub, drinking away the money, regularly leaving small children home alone, or others who drink themselves into oblivion at home while the children have to become the carers.

Living Springs works not only with these parents, helping them towards better, safer, parenting, but also with the children whose lives have been shattered by the treatment they have suffered.

These children are isolated, often ‘failing’ in school; they dare not get too close to other children, due to the secrets they have to keep. Frequently misunderstood, their inability to concentrate can lead to bad behaviour and often exclusion.

At Living Springs we work with them on a one-to-one basis, in a secure place and with staff who really care about them.

Jane Chapman
February 2005