Current Projects

We endeavour to continuously improve the quality of service we deliver, whether this is to Local Authorities, clients, fellow professionals or stakeholders - all of which have a part to play in the success of Living Springs.

At present we are seeking to provide additional support to our residents, both during their stay with us and when they move on into the wider community.


Whilst families are resident at Living Springs we want to extend the training opportunities offered to them; this will ensure their time with us is spent positively and to their greatest advantage, enabling them to learn new skills. Training will be offered in life skills including debt management, literacy and numeracy, career advice and nutritional guidance.

Floating Support

Following residents moving to their own home, we wish to provide floating support so that we can monitor the progress they have achieved in relation to the training previously provided. It is vital that this support is provided to ensure the transition from residential accommodation to independent living is as easy and as smooth as possible for our families. This support will reduce the likelihood of failure, keeping families together and often prevent breakdown of the family unit.

Domate to community Farm

Mini Farm

Living Springs previously ran a mini farm which was of benefit to both resident and visiting families. Sadly, due to limited volunteer support, the project is currently not running, but we would love to see the small animal farm and allotments up and working again. This will provide a facility which is good for people to enjoy when they stay with us or visit. Taking part in and enjoying this activity will increase residents’ self- esteem and teach them new skills. It will encourage them to enjoy the wider environment and have an awareness of sustainability issues.

We are looking for volunteers to restart this exciting project. Is this something that YOU feel able to commit a few hours to? If so, please email or call us on 01384-872817.

We are aiming to raise significant funds for these three key areas of our work. We encourage you to join us in seeing these projects come to fruition.

To find out more, click on the images below. To donate, please download the Donation Form here, or click on the Virgin Money button, on the right, to make a secure online donation.

Thank you.

PS We always welcome the support of volunteers in the development of Living Springs. If you can help us, we’d like to hear from you!